COVID-19 Update

Content Strategies

Relevant, targeted content is critical to engage prospects. This section highlights various messaging tactics throughout the buying cycle.

Casted Aims To Empower Marketers To Develop Podcast Content

Casted, an all-in-one B2B podcasting platform, is designed to empower marketing teams to access, attribute and amplify their podcasting content and improve and drive their overall content marketing strategies. Back-of-the-Box Details Casted serves as a host for publishing a user’s audio content, amplifying their podcast’s reach across digital channels and…

Tegrita Announces Partnership With Fabl

Tegrita, a martech consulting firm, has teamed up with Fabl, a content marketing, management and publishing platform, becoming Fabl’s first service provider. The strategic partnership is part of a broad “TegX” initiative, which aims to provide an innovative opportunity to combine institutional change and technology to help marketers reach revenue…

4 Ways To Optimize Your Business Strategy During Covid-19

With the advent of social distancing and work-from-home policies, the B2B industry has experienced an abrupt — but not unforeseen — digital-only reality. As a result, companies need to shift toward maintaining business operations, inspiring buyer confidence by adapting their strategies to stay relevant in their target markets virtually.

Clear Your Schedule And Enjoy #B2BMX From The Comfort Of Your Home

Your inbox is probably flooded with virtual event and webinar invitations now that in-person events are on hiatus. I’ve even had conversations with people who said “webinar fatigue” is a real thing, and I couldn’t agree more. However, on the bright side, these virtual events — when done right — are super helpful and provide a great source of inspiration as we navigate through this new reality we’re in.
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