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Data Management

Marketers are expanding their use of Big Data, and they’re just beginning to tap its power. This section covers the tools, trends and strategies for maintaining clean and accurate databases to enhance targeting capabilities.

ON24 Debuts Webinar Measurement, Platform Integration Services

ON24 announced a new service that will allow users to integrate their CRM and marketing automation platforms with ON24 webinars, providing the ability to capture key metrics about webinar performance and add them to the customer and prospect databases. The service will allow the ON24 reporting systems to integrate with…

Avention Integrates Sales Enablement Tool With SAP

Avention, a BI and sales enablement solutions provider, is integrating with the SAP Cloud for Customer solution. The integration is designed to help companies retrieve data and business insights from Avention's global B2B database and leverage the cloud-based customer engagement solution from SAP.

Microsoft Names Cloud Strategist Satya Nadella As New CEO

Microsoft named Satya Nadella — the company’s EVP of Cloud and Enterprise — as its new CEO and member of the Board of Directors. Since joining Microsoft in 1992, Nadella has played a major role in the company’s shift to the cloud and the evolution of one of the world’s…

Teradata Launches Marketing App For Real-Time Customer Interaction

Teradata announced the launch of its Customer Interaction Manager (CIM), a data-driven marketing application that is designed to enable real-time customer interaction across digital and traditional communication channels. CIM allows users to integrate inbound and outbound messaging, which in turn can be used to plan and execute multi-step customer engagements,…
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