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Data Management

Marketers are expanding their use of Big Data, and they’re just beginning to tap its power. This section covers the tools, trends and strategies for maintaining clean and accurate databases to enhance targeting capabilities.

Business Trends Make 'Data Decay' A Pressing Issue For B2B Marketers

More than ever before, the U.S. job market is in a state of flux. More people are changing jobs with greater frequency; in August, 2011, for example, 3.1 million people changed jobs. By August, 2012, 4.3 million people per month were changing jobs. For B2B marketers this is more than…
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ReadyTalk Partners With Marketo To Streamline Webinar Data

ReadyTalk announced earlier this week the availability of the ReadyTalk for Marketo connector to increase the accuracy of webinar-generated data and help move leads through the marketing and sales pipeline. Designed for Marketo customers, the connector leverages Marketo to promote and manage webinar invitations, registration, confirmations, reminders and timely follow-up.
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Study: Marketers Stumble Over Data-Driven Decision-Making

According to a recent Corporate Education Board (CEB) report, marketers still struggle to use data effectively when making business decisions. In fact, most marketers heavily rely on gut instinct, intuition and past experiences, which causes disconnects between what the data tells marketers and what they assume to be true based…
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Infographic: Content Delivery Funnel

The following infographic comes courtesy of the Content Marketing Institute(CMI) and Demandbase. It’s a perfect introduction to content marketing for companies that are just coming to grips with the concept. There are so many content options available to marketers today, and it’s often difficult to visualize the ideal role each…
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