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Data Management

Marketers are expanding their use of Big Data, and they’re just beginning to tap its power. This section covers the tools, trends and strategies for maintaining clean and accurate databases to enhance targeting capabilities.

Report Defines Role Of Customer Data Platform Vendors

A new class of vendors is emerging to help marketers improve their customer databases, according to a new report from Raab Associates. The Guide to Customer Data Platforms describes systems that give marketers control of building customer databases to support cross-channel marketing programs. Unlike traditional marketing automation systems, these products…

Leadspace-Marketo Integration Automates Lead Qualification

Leadspace launched a new release of its SaaS-based social lead targeting solution that integrates with Marketo to automate the lead qualification process. Leadspace is designed to help marketers quickly identify targeted leads across numerous data sources, including paid contact databases, social networks and web sites.

Data Quality Top Concern Of Tech Marketers, Survey Reveals

The quality of data was the No. 1 of marketers at IT companies using CRM and marketing automation systems, according to a new study from DiscoverOrg, a sales and marketing intelligence tools provider. In the report, Room for Improvement: Data Quality Impacting CRM and Marketing Automation Usage at IT Companies,…

Marketo And Certain Partner To Leverage Event Data

Marketo and event management technology provider Certain announced a partnership that will enable marketers to enhance existing marketing data by using customer profiles gathered at events, according to officials from both companies. “Events represent one of marketing automation’s last frontiers and an enormous untapped opportunity for marketers with the right…

Rise Of Cloud Computing Means Fewer IT Headaches For Marketers

Cloud-based marketing automation solutions have been making headway for quite some time, but the technology got a serious boost earlier this year when and Oracle shocked industry analysts by signing a nine-year partnership to integrate their systems for accessing and storing data over the Internet. This unprecedented partnership solidified…

Nearly Half Of Marketers Say Data Is Underused, Teradata Survey Reveals

The Teradata Data-Driven Marketing Survey 2013 revealed that while many companies are moving toward data-driven marketing, nearly half of marketers agree that data is the most underutilized asset in their organization. In response, many companies are starting in the marketing department as they look to make operational adjustments to tighten…
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