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Data Management

Marketers are expanding their use of Big Data, and they’re just beginning to tap its power. This section covers the tools, trends and strategies for maintaining clean and accurate databases to enhance targeting capabilities.

Testing: 5 Steps To Find The Right Formula For Effective Emails

By Jeff Revoy, Chief Product, Marketing and Strategy Officer, iContact Testing is the most effective, most often overlooked, way to improve the results of email marketing campaigns. It yields actionable data that can be used to improve poorly performing campaigns or to give good campaigns that little boost into the…

Responsys Enhances Adobe Integration To Bridge Analytics Data And Campaigns

Responsys, Inc., a provider of on-demand email and cross-channel marketing solutions, announced enhancements to its existing integration with the Adobe Online Marketing Suite, powered by Omniture. Unveiled at the recent Adobe Omniture Summit 2011, the enhancements are aimed at accelerating time-to-market and reducing complexity of cross-channel marketing campaigns. The update…

Lack of Information And Process Hinders Channel Sales Team, Research Shows

A lack of information available to channel sales executives accounts is resulting in an extreme loss of revenue and potential opportunities, according to the findings of a survey of senior channel sales and marketing executives. The research, conducted by cloud-based channel management solution provider Channelinsight, revealed that incentive program performance,…
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