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Marketing Analytics

B2B marketers have become more data-driven as they strive to track marketing’s performance. This section highlights tools, functionality and solutions for gathering intelligence about the buyer’s journey and applying that knowledge to marketing campaigns.

Sparq Aims To Help Uncover & Translate Actionable Customer Insights

Sparq is a customer insights platform from Vision Critical that is designed to uncover actionable customer experience data. The solution aims to uncover and translate customer attributes — such as motivation, preference and beliefs — into actionable data points that deliver value and improve customer acquisition, retention and satisfaction.

Episerver Acquires Insite Software

Digital experience company Episerver has signed an agreement to acquire B2B commerce leader Insite Software. The deal comes on the heels of Episerver’s November 2019 acquisition of Idio and their December 2019 hiring of Alex Atzberger as CEO.

Engagio Partners With Bombora To Operationalize Intent Data

B2B marketing engagement software provider Engagio has partnered with Bombora, a provider of B2B intent data. The product integration positions both companies to combine first-party engagement data with third-party intent insight to help clients measure demand for accounts, prioritize actions by sales teams and orchestrate plays across channels.

Marketing Automation Must Give Way To Marketing Orchestration

The sales and marketing industry has exploded over the past decades, prospering thanks to marketing automation tools, digital advertising and the widespread availability of data. While these tools all come with the promise of making marketers’ lives easier, what they actually deliver is the ability to intrude on individuals’ daily…
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