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Marketing Analytics

B2B marketers have become more data-driven as they strive to track marketing’s performance. This section highlights tools, functionality and solutions for gathering intelligence about the buyer’s journey and applying that knowledge to marketing campaigns.

78% Of Marketers Drive Customer Engagement Via Push Notifications

Engaging with audiences and customers virtually continues to be a top priority for B2B organizations, as the acceleration of digital transformation following the pandemic took the industry by storm in 2020. Many B2B organizations are relying on push notifications to keep their customers and website visitors engaged, according to new…

HG Insights Releases New Market Intelligence Product

HG Insights, a technology intelligence company, launched a new market intelligence product to help B2B companies better understand their markets. The solution is designed to deliver actionable insights that improve decision-making and increase go-to-market confidence.

Veloxy Aims To Improve Selling Activities Through AI-Driven Insights

AI-driven predictive sales-enablement platform Veloxy is designed to automate non-selling activities common in Salesforce CRM, providing sales professionals with extra selling time and an access-anywhere application to deliver customers the right information at the right time.

Demandbase Debuts New ABM Platform Following Engagio Acquisition

ABM platform Demandbase has launched its newest solution Demandbase One, designed to help B2B revenue teams prioritize and engage target accounts across various channels for higher deal win-rates. The launch comes just a few months after Demandbase acquired Engagio, bringing two big ABM players together.
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