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SAP Unveils Real-Time Social Media Sales And Marketing Analytics Solution

Social media today is an important part of the big picture of B2B marketers. Yet keeping track of what your customers are saying about you on social media – and turning that chatter into useful insights – can be an incredibly challenging task.

On Tuesday, CRM vendor SAP announced a new product designed to cut this challenge down to size. Dubbed "Rapid-Deployment Solution (RDS) for Sentiment Intelligence with SAP HANA," SAP says the application can be deployed in as little as six weeks to extract and analyze real-time customer data from social media feeds.

According to SAP, the application loads text data from Twitter, Facebook and any other Web service with a publicly available API. It then applies semantic analysis, using text data processing capabilities to analyze and reveal customer sentiments towards a company's brand and products.

The company says the resulting insights can be applied to sales and marketing campaigns, promotions and service activities. It can also be used to track and respond to customer service issues or to project sales and marketing trends. The resulting data can also be integrated into existing sales and marketing campaigns conducted using the SAP CRM platform.

The SAP rapid-deployment solution, which is now generally available, was announced at the TDWI San Diego World Conference – Big Data Tipping Point conference held in San Diego, Calif. this week.