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Marketing Analytics

B2B marketers have become more data-driven as they strive to track marketing’s performance. This section highlights tools, functionality and solutions for gathering intelligence about the buyer’s journey and applying that knowledge to marketing campaigns.

Marketing Measurement: Lost In Translation

At a DemandCon event session earlier this month, Jon Russo, Founder and CEO of B2B Fusion Group, asked a room full of marketers how many were still using Excel spreadsheets to track their performance. About 90% of them raised their hands. Russo said he wasn't surprised at the show of…

Lenskold Group/Pedowitz Group Study Offers New Insights Into Marketing Automation Effectiveness

Over the past 12 months, we've seen a series of high-profile studies that establish the relationship between marketing automation, marketing ROI metrics and successful lead-generation strategies. This week, there's an especially notable addition: the 2012 Lenskold Group/The Pedowitz Group Lead Gen Marketing Effectiveness Study. The study (conducted with assistance from…
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Retargeting Attracts Growing Interest Among B2B Marketers

Search retargeting – a tactic which employs a simple but profitable intersection of display advertising and search – has long been a popular marketing tool for consumer companies. Now, retargeting is also gaining traction in the B2B market. While consumer-focused retargeting is relatively simple, however, for B2B firms it will…
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SAP Unveils Real-Time Social Media Sales And Marketing Analytics Solution

Social media today is an important part of the big picture of B2B marketers. Yet keeping track of what your customers are saying about you on social media – and turning that chatter into useful insights – can be an incredibly challenging task. On Tuesday, CRM vendor SAP announced a…
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Marketing Automation Analytics:
 Where We Are and the Road Ahead

By Cari Baldwin, Co-Founder & Partner, BlueBird Strategies Marketing departments today are under pressure to justify the effectiveness of their spending and demonstrate that their programs contribute to revenue growth. Estimates of campaign results and the relation of marketing-generated leads to actual sales won’t satisfy executives who want proof of…
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