Revenue Strategies

B2B marketers need to make measurable and repeatable contributions to influence pipeline performance and help close business. This section highlights news, announcements and advancements in revenue performance management.

Bizible Debuts Revenue Planning Product With Machine Learning

Bizible announced it has launched a revenue planning solution that incorporates machine learning capabilities. The new solution, which relies on proprietary algorithms, enables B2B marketers to do channel mix modeling and forecasting dynamically using historical data and various “what if scenarios.”

Success With Salesforce For Full-Cycle Reps

Traditional sales teams are oftentimes looped into the buyer's journey once they are ready to make a purchase. But for full cycle reps—salespeople who manage the entire sales process—having the right tools can make even the toughest tasks manageable. This infographic from SalesLoft discusses how full-cycle sales reps can leverage…
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