Meet ABM CTV, Madison Logic’s New Channel That’s ‘Closing Gaps’ In The CTV Space

Published: September 26, 2023

Connected TV (CTV) advertising spend in the U.S. is expected to grow by nearly 20% by the end of 2023, and 56% of U.S. viewers watch content from CTVs. As B2B marketers prioritize engaging prospects and customers where they are and in more personalized ways, CTV is emerging as lucrative channel. With that in mind, ABM platform Madison Logic released ABM CTV, a new channel designed to harness the company’s data-driven approach to more precisely target and surround buyers.

According to Vin Turk, Madison Logic’s Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder, the new solution is designed to:

  • Enhance targeting by leveraging ML Insights — the company’s intent data that combines three independent signals into a single intent score — to directly target in-market accounts and prospects;
  • Activate full-funnel, multichannel ABM campaigns that surround key decision makers with video content that speaks to their specific pain points and needs; and
  • Link marketers’ CTV media investment to pipeline growth and revenue impact.

To learn about the newcomer into the CTV space, the Demand Gen Report team sat down with Turk to dive deeper into the creation of ABM CTV and how it innovates the existing space.

Demand Gen Report: What made you want to enter the CTV space?

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Vin Turk: With more buyers working from home and utilizing digital channels for a self-driven buying experience, CTV has emerged as a compelling choice for B2B marketers seeking to enhance their multichannel ABM strategy. With nearly half of all homes in the U.S. already watching CTV every day — and expected to grow to 87% by 2025 — CTV enables brands to create a stronger connection with target buyers by being present where they are.

By integrating CTV into an always-on awareness campaign alongside other channels in a unified multichannel approach, marketers can deliver consistent and cohesive content and messaging to reach prospects with an always-on awareness/brand campaign before they begin the buying process.This growth, coupled with gaps we saw in the market that limited CTV’s value when used as part of a unified multichannel ABM strategy, made it a natural choice to include in our platform as we continue to innovate and shape the future of B2B marketing.

DGR: Can you expand on the existing market gaps in CTV and how Madison Logic’s solution will fill them?

Turk: Until now, the limitations on CTV targeting, engagement and measurement have prevented most marketers from seeing the channel’s full potential. While brands have typically used CTV to drive awareness, it historically hasn’t delivered the precise targeting and audience match rates to measure engagement and link to demand and ABM marketing campaigns.

The addition of CTV into our platform makes us the first and only ABM solution to unify the four primary B2B channels — content syndication, display advertising, social advertising with LinkedIn and now CTV — into a centralized platform that enables enterprise marketers to activate multichannel ABM campaigns and achieve comprehensive visibility into program performance. With targeting capabilities fueled by our intent data, we empower enterprise marketers from today’s fastest growing companies to identify in-market accounts, drive higher awareness and maximize their media investment.

DGR: What differentiates your ABM CTV offering from your competitors?

Turk: What truly sets ABM CTV apart is the strength of our data. Up until now, marketers leveraging CTV in their marketing mix haven’t had access to trustworthy data to drive campaign efficiency and efficacy. With the vast amount of intent data available, it can be hard to decipher the true signals from the noise. CTV is only impactful if you reach the right decision makers for your solution.

Our intent data helps B2B marketers prioritize in-market accounts, know which personas to engage across the buying committee and understand what content will likely convert. Knowing when an account is ready to buy empowers marketers to take immediate action and drive higher ROI. When used in a unified multichannel approach that includes ABM CTV, ML Insights allows practitioners to seamlessly activate the same target account list across their entire strategy, ensuring they reach the right audience with the right content and messaging at the right time. 

DGR: How do you suggest marketers incorporate CTV into their ABM offerings?

Turk: Joint research from Google and Bain & Co. found that 80% to 90% of B2B buyers have a list of vendors in mind before they do any research, while 90% will ultimately choose a vendor from their day-one list. This makes it even more critical for a brand to be top-of-mind among target accounts before they initiate the buying process. Focusing solely on an individual digital marketing channel or approaching campaigns without a unified strategy is no longer a viable option to succeed. Marketers must maintain a digital presence across multiple channels and surround all buying committee members with personalized content and messaging to remain relevant during decision making.

With ABM CTV, marketers can now combine the power of ABM with the reach and scale of CTV. It allows marketers to leverage this traditionally brand-focused channel to deliver personalized video content across the buying cycle. They can generate more demand by adding ABM CTV to a unified multichannel ABM strategy, especially to reach prospects with an always-on awareness/brand campaign before they begin buying.

DGR: How do you plan to expand the ABM CTV platform in the future?

Turk: ABM CTV through Madison Logic helps B2B marketers who are looking to drive higher engagement, accelerate conversion and maximize exposure with the buying committee. Fueled by comprehensive data insights, we offer a multichannel experience to marketers looking to accelerate the buyer’s journey and increase pipeline and ROI. While it is currently only available to marketers in the U.S., we’re looking to expand it to other regions by the end of the year.

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