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Act-On Software Launches Analytics Module For Social Media Campaign Execution, Measurement

Act On Social AnalyticsAct-On Software launched a social media module as part of its marketing automation tool. The company said the Advanced Social Media Module will provide deeper insight into the user’s social media marketing initiatives and includes content publishing, listening and reporting features.

“Social media is a critical channel for marketers and should not be executed in a silo; it must be integrated into the overall marketing strategy to realize its full potential,” said Kevin Bobowski, CMO of Act-On Software, in a statement. “Act-On’s Advanced Social Media Module empowers marketers to leverage social data to deliver more personalized, real-time experiences for prospects and customers, resulting in better conversions and more loyal advocates.”   

B2B Customers Demand More Personalization In Email

Email marketing: Most (if not all) B2B marketers are leveraging it. But are they doing it right? It depends on who you ask. When done properly, email is still a very strong channel for engaging with B2B buyers. Companies such as Uberflip, with email open rates that range from 34% to 53%, can attest to it.

According to Salesforce’s 2016 State Of Marketing Report, 80% of marketers agree that email is core to their business; and nearly half (49%) of those marketers say email is directly linked to their business’ primary revenue source.

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