A Tale Of Two RevOps Journeys: How Okta & Carbon Black Achieved Revenue Growth By Realigning Their Go-To-Market Strategies

Alignment across organizations has been a hot topic — and common pain point — for many B2B teams looking to get a holistic view of their customers and drive growth. This, in turn, has brought the idea of “revenue operations” to the forefront of go-to-market strategies.

According to SiriusDecisions, revenue operations is a call for more collaboration between everyone who touches the revenue engine. The firm’s research shows that companies that align their revenue operations grow 12% to 15% faster than their competitors and are 34% more profitable. Furthermore, there has been a huge uptick in RevOps roles on LinkedIn, in which members with a “Director of Revenue Operations” title grew by 81% between October 2018 and February 2019.

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The Pedowitz Group Executive Chats Revenue Marketing Maturity In B2B, New Index For Measuring Revenue Transformation

kJoyceMove over ABM; revenue marketing is the new buzzword taking over B2B as marketers are increasingly pushed to prove ROI. To investigate the state of revenue marketing maturity in B2B, The Pedowtiz Group released its first annual Revenue Marketing Index Report, which reveals that B2B orgs have some room for improvement as overall market maturity rests at a 2.3 out of 4.

Champion Good Data To Improve Top- And Bottom-Line Results

Chris Lynde CEO SaleScoutToday’s CRM and marketing automation systems provide measurement at every stage of the funnel. That’s good news for marketers who want to optimize the conversion process, and bad news for those who are used to measuring quantity over quality. Those days are over, and the focus is shifting. Sixty-eight percent of B2B marketers have made improving data quality their top priority, and for good reason. Bad data is a marketer’s worst nightmare. It costs businesses money, time and customers, and it’s the number one cause of CRM and MAP failure. Addressing this single issue is the quickest path to improving your top- and bottom-line results.

Content Scoring From Kapost Links Content With Business Results

shutterstock 178775504One of the most challenging tasks for any B2B marketer is making the connection between content and revenue. While traditional metrics such as engagement, unique page views and social shares provide some data on content performance, they fail to identify how specific pieces of content move buyers through the funnel.

To provide marketers with a clearer picture of how individual pieces of content are driving business results, Kapost launched a new content analytics feature called Content Scoring.

Turning Up The Volume On Revenue Marketing at REVTalks

REVTalks logoRevenue marketing impacts a number of initiatives — sales and marketing alignment, demand generation and lead management, just to name a few.

The Pedowitz Group recently brought together a number of senior marketing executives for targeted discussions about the topic of ROI and how it relates to the various aspects of marketing. The event, titled REVTalks 2014: The Revenue Marketing Summit, was modeled on the popular TEDTalks, which offer short presentations with focused themes.

The High Cost Of Status Quo

Debbie QBy Debbie Qaqish, Principal Partner and Chief Strategy Officer, The Pedowitz Group

In the world of B2B marketing today, if you don’t already have some kind of direct revenue accountability as a marketing executive, don’t worry, you will. As I’ve watched and helped many marketing organizations make this transition, I’ve also seen a lot of marketing executives completely ignore this fundamental shift in the role of marketing. We’re talking about head-in-the-sand behavior, at worst, and delegating this obligation to a lower level role and treating it like a tactic, at best.

6 Keys To Building A High Performance Revenue Marketing Practice: Technology And Results

By Debbie Qaqish, Principal Partner and Chief Revenue Marketing Officer for The Pedowitz Group

Debbie_HeadshotEditor's Note: In this three-part series, Debbie Qaqish examines the six keys of building and growing a thriving Revenue Marketing practice – including strategy, content, people, process, technology and results. In Part One she talked about
strategy and content and Part Two covered people and processes. In this week's final installment, Debbie addresses Technology and Results.

The Fundamentals: Marketing Automation And CRM

Technology, more specifically marketing automation integrated with CRM, is the foundation for any Revenue Marketing practice. These tools provide the ability to track and report on real revenue contribution from marketing.

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