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Corporate Visions Reports 111% Jump In Revenue For Fiscal 2013

CVI Logo 2014Corporate Visions, a provider of solutions designed to help B2B companies enhance customer interactions, reported an 111% increase in revenue and a 95% increase in bookings for fiscal 2013.

The company’s growth was fueled by the acquisition of Executive Conversation in November and BayGroup International this past April. Other highlights include:

SAVO Posts 30% Increase In Customer Engagements in 2013

SAVO logoSAVO Group, a provider of sales enablement technology, announced strong growth entering 2014, generated by multiple new product launches and key partnerships.

The company recently acquired StoryQuest, Inc., a provider of digital postcard technology. This addition to SAVO’s sales enablement portfolio incorporates industry thought leadership and corporate content within a recorded digital message that transforms customer communications into personalized conversations, content marketing collateral, and lead generation solutions that arm sales reps with the right tools to align with prospects and customers at each stage of the buying cycle. 

Study: Marketing And Sales Alignment Boosts Revenues, Lead Quality

CORP-VISIONS-LOGO-1y-1-1-1357658506MRDriving more revenue is the top reason to focus on sales and marketing alignment, but improving lead quality and messaging to prospects are other important benefits. There is also a need to better understand the role of content in moving prospects through the sales pipeline.

These were some of the key takeaways from a study titled: Sales Enablement: Fulfilling the Last Frontier of Marketing-Sales Alignment. The research, which was based on responses from 260 sales and marketing professions surveyed by Aberdeen Group, was presented by Corporate Visions.

Having A Change Of Heart About Demand Generation

Tim Riesterer Corporate Visions 300dpiBy Tim Riesterer, Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer, Corporate Visions

As a marketer, you aren’t really in the business of demand generation. You’re actually in the business of “change generation.” Every day, you’re asking your target audience to reconsider their current situation and look at doing something different. In effect, lead management is actually more like change management. At the core of what you are doing, the most important issue is changing the behavior of people.

Sales Enablement In The Spotlight As Pressure Builds To Convert More Leads

Sales EnablementMarketing used to just “throw leads over the wall” to the sales department and hope that a good number of them would stick. But now that marketing is responsible for a revenue contribution goal, the walls are tumbling down. It is no longer a question of how many leads marketing can generate, but how they can provide the right content and other resources to sales to ensure that as many leads as possible turn into deals.

The increased pressure to contribute to revenue, along with buyers delaying their engagement with sales until later in the decision-making process, has resulted in rising interest in sales enablement tools over the past six months, industry observers noted.

Whiteboards Can Improve Demand Generation But Few Use Them, Survey Finds

B2B sales and marketing teams have not embraced technologies such as whiteboarding for visual storytelling even though they can improve demand generation.

Only 13% of salespeople use an interactive writing surface such as a whiteboard to support their customer conversations, according to a survey of more than 300 B2B salespeople and marketers by Corporate Visions, a sales and marketing messaging company.

Study: Most B2B Organizations Still Take Hit-Or-Miss Approach To Messaging

CorporateVMany B2B sales and marketing organizations still exhibit a serious lack of alignment when it comes to messaging and content, according to a recent survey of more than 730 sale and marketing professionals.

The study, conducted by Corporate Visions, Inc., included questions about messaging, content and tools development within B2B sales and marketing organizations. According to a summary of the study's findings, three major issues are contributing to a lack of alignment within many of these organizations:

Corporate Visions Announces Deal To Acquire WhiteboardSelling

Sales and marketing consultancy Corporate Visions announced Tuesday that it has acquired WhiteboardSelling, a provider of sales-enablement technology. The purchase price and other financial details of the deal were not disclosed.

WhiteboardSelling is a fairly unique company in the B2B sales enablement space. As the company's name suggests, it offers a cloud-based platform that sales reps can use to create on-the-fly, visual presentations. The company also provides training resources to teach sales personnel how to improve their visual storytelling skills and integrate whiteboard presentations into their existing content assets.

New Report Underscores Need For Engaging Content And Alignment In Demand Gen Campaigns

According to a recent survey, a vast majority of salespeople and marketers feel their demand generation campaigns are insufficient when it comes to helping them achieve selling success. In fact, 80% of respondents described their demand generation campaigns are ineffective or semi-ineffective, while only 20% felt they were fully effective.

Corporate Visions, Inc., a provider of sales and marketing messaging solutions conducted its second quarter survey on demand generation, which polled more than 440 B2B sales and marketing professionals globally.

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