3 New Ways To Reach Target Audiences Through Social Media

The B2B marketing landscape is looking more and more like its B2C counterpart with each passing month. As B2B marketers invest more in mobile optimization, personalization tools, podcasts and more, they shouldn’t forget about social media.

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Do Emojis Work In B2B?

First there was direct-mail marketing, then came video and mobile marketing – and now we’re in the era of emojis. Emoji marketing isn’t just here, it’s here to stay. If you’ve already seen some emojis popping up in your inbox or taking over social channels, prepare to see even more.

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10 Things The Movies Taught Me About Using Social Media In Event Marketing

Ryan Dee UPDATEDWhether you’re a movie buff or a casual movie-goer, a common experience we all have is watching movies that inevitably teach us a thing or two about life. It’s a good rule of thumb never to leave a kid Home Alone over the holidays, greed is good if you’re on Wall Street and Goonies never say die. But as marketers, we can also take away some valuable lessons – I know I have! By watching some of my favorite films, I’ve uncovered some social media best practices to support and enhance your experiential marketing efforts. And the nominees are...

5 B2B Social Specialists You Should Be Following

When it comes to marketing—whether it’s B2B or B2C—social media has grown into a prominent channel for engaging prospective customers. That will only continue to increase as more and more millennial and next-generation marketing professionals start to take over seats at the buying table.

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Influencer Campaigns: So Powerful, Even Putin Is Using Them!

Influencer marketing campaigns can have a big impact on audiences — sometimes it’s an entire nation at the peak of a Presidential election. The New York Times recently reported how Vladimir Putin allegedly “ordered an influence campaign in 2016 aimed at the U.S. presidential election,” and it got me thinking about how much influence plays a role in the world beyond the B2B marketplace.

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