“Seed Nurturing” and The Future of Lead Nurturing

Jon_Miller_-_VP_Marketing_-_MarketoBy Jon Miller, VP Marketing, Marketo

BtoB marketing has dramatically evolved over the past few years. Early on, the primary focus was on “closing the deal,” investing dollars on mass marketing, advertising, and branding regardless of measurable ROI, and encouraging the sales team to reach out to every prospect regardless of level of interest or qualification.

Manticore Integrates With Social Networks 
To Feed Sales Contacts

Manticore Technology announced a new version of its marketing automation platform, with new capabilities designed to further feed the sales pipeline. The new version features integration of with some of the world’s largest social media directories including Jigsaw, LinkedIn, and Facebook, in an effort to enable marketing departments to deliver sales with tools to develop and expand their pipeline.

Genius Simplifies Social Media Tracking With Launch Of New Integration Tools rolled out several new tools last week designed to allow sales and marketing executives to better integrate and track their social media conversations. The core of the expanded toolset is a URL shortener specifically designed to track both structured marketing campaigns and ad-hoc social-media conversations. The Genius URL shortener or “GURL” for short, enables any member of a Genius customer organization to include trackable links in their Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, blog, or other social-media posts.

Q&A With Eloqua’s Steve Woods, Author of “Digital Body Language”

Fresh off a book tour promoting “Digital Body Language,” Eloqua CTO Steve Woods has been immersed in conversations around the latest trends in BtoB marketing, from social media to sales and marketing alignment, and the role of each in the demand generation space. Woods says many marketers have realized marketing should be seen as facilitating a buying process, not outbound selling, and future conversations will be centered on how to understand the buying process and use that intelligence to optimize marketing messaging. DemandGen Report recently had the chance to catch up with Woods to hear his insight on the future of social media, the best way to stay in front of prospects with an increasing buying cycle, and industry feedback about the book.

Social Networking Pushes Email Marketing Into New Era Of Real-Time Communication

Like everything else digital, email marketing is changing. As the lead generation strategy of choice for many years, it is now being reformed by the dramatic shift to social media as a real-time communication platform. For BtoB companies, the email/social synergy can be a profitable one.

New thinking and new solutions have recently sprouted around the intersection of social networking and email, most notably in a new report from email services provider ExactTarget. Although the company could be hammered by social networks and their ability for its users to bypass email, the company’s research shows the opposite effect.

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