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Your Attention Please! 4 Keys To Capturing & Maintaining Buyer Engagement

1vinceIt’s no secret. The explosion of information available to us has created the ultimate battle for attention. There are simply too many attention demands put on us:  advertisers want attention in and out of home. Friends and family want attention on Facebook and Instagram. Colleagues and every marketer alive vie for attention in our inbox.  

Yet, there’s only so much to give and the stakes are high. Marketers must ask, “How do we adapt to this to rise above the barrier of marketing noise, gain buyer attention, maintain it and convert engagement into opportunity?”

B2B Marketers Use Web Personalization Strategies To Engage Buyers

B2B buyers expect relevant and contextual engagement from vendors, and progressive B2B organizations such as CenturyLink, Mendix and are seeing success by providing personalized experiences on their websites by using a mix of technology, as well as a thorough understanding of their buyer’s journey.

Lessons From The Most Powerful Content Marketers

B2B marketers are always looking to improve their content arsenal, and one of the best ways to identify what is working is to look at in-depth case studies of companies that are doing it right. This infographic from Salesforce provides key lessons content marketers can learn from companies such as Michelin, GoPro and Red Bull to enhance buyer engagement and boost customer experience.

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