B2B Marketers’ Shift From MQLs To Revenue Requires A Top-Funnel Makeover

1Scott VaughanA growing number of CMOs are shifting their demand marketers’ focus. Simply generating MQLs (marketing qualified leads) is no longer enough. B2B marketing executives are now emphasizing down-funnel efforts that convert prospects to new customers and cross- or up-sell solutions to current customers. And, to be clear, these are not marketing technology vendors with the marketing-driven revenue slogans we have heard for the last several years. This mandate is coming directly from the C-suite.

3 Reasons Predictive Can Help Boost Marketing Intelligence

Shari.Johnston 1Talk to any marketer today and he or she will tell you the same thing: “We need better insights into our marketing engine.” In the age of AI, machine learning, and all things marketing intelligence, I often find that most conversations center around data quality. As a marketer, I find that it’s easy to put the impetus on better marketing intelligence.

Skyword Adds A.I. Tool to Content Marketing Platform

Skyword, a content marketing platform provider, has launched Skyword Personalized Recommendations (SPR), an artificial intelligence-powered engine, which can help users deliver personalized onsite and email content recommendations.

The solution can track website visits to recommended content that can display on a website or be shared directly within email campaigns. SPR also has integrations with marketing automation, CRM and email marketing engines. The company said the solution will enable brands to grow their audience and boost engagement with prospective customers.

“While 74% of people get frustrated when content has nothing to do with their interests, 60% of marketers struggle to create one-to-one experiences,” said Tom Gerace, Skyword CEO & Founder, in a statement. “Now they can centralize their content creation, distribution and personalization initiatives all within the Skyword Platform, as well as gain actionable insights on all three areas.”

Proof Introduces Analytics Platform To Measure Business Impact

Proof is a new platform designed to compute marketing and sales data—along with other inputs across the business—to reveal what’s “moving the needles” and how long it takes to move them, according to the company. The solution also can calculate attribution to help marketing and business leaders better understand and manage spend.

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