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News Briefs

This section offers breaking news coverage of the B2B space. These concise news articles are designed to provide marketers with quick, concise information about major happenings in the industry that will impact their jobs.

Seismic Unveils Additional Capabilities Within ‘Aura’ Release

Seismic, a sales enablement platform provider, revealed more details of its new AI engine, Seismic Aura. With access to various in-platform and third-party data, Aura seeks to provide sellers with intelligent recommendations on how to effectively engage with buyers, advance deals and uncover new opportunities.

Dun & Bradstreet Releases Industry-First Open Revenue Technology Platform

Dun & Bradstreet, a global provider of business decisioning data and analytics, unveiled D&B Rev.UP ABX, a platform that aligns teams, data and technology to help organizations deliver relevant and engaging buyer experiences for target accounts. To strengthen the platform’s insights and capabilities, D&B collaborated with intent data provider Bombora and buyer…

Demand Spring Unveils Leap Advisory Service

Demand Spring, a revenue marketing consultancy, launched Leap Advisory Group, an advisory service where marketing experts offer personalized, actionable advice to help B2B practitioners address internal and external challenges with their marketing strategies, workflows and more.

Act-On Software Releases Automation-Based SMS Channel

Act-On Software, a growth marketing automation platform, unveiled a fully integrated SMS automation channel built directly into its platform. The solution seeks to help marketers build SMS-automated campaigns ahead of time and send direct messages immediately for real-time, personalized mobile engagement.
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