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Brainshark Announces Eloqua Integration At #EE12 User Conference

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Online and mobile video solutions provider Brainshark today announced the integration of Brainshark Presentations with Eloqua’s marketing automation platform.

The integration allows Eloqua users to access Brainshark online videos to improve the effectiveness of demand generation and other marketing communications, as well as gain insight into how prospects are engaging with content. In addition, Brainshark announced that its solution available through the Eloqua AppCloud.

According to Brainshark, the integration will allow Eloqua users to:

  • Incorporate Brainshark video content into Eloqua campaigns and landing pages;
  • Accelerate content creation;
  • Measure engagement; and
  • Use Brainshark viewing data to drive automated Eloqua processes.

“Today, marketers are under more pressure than ever before to rapidly create content that stands out and can be easily viewed on their audience’s device of choice,” according to Andy Zimmerman, CMO at Brainshark, in a company press release. “We’re pleased to work with Eloqua to empower their users to incorporate high-impact video content and detailed audience viewing behavior into the system – helping them improve the effectiveness and measurability of their marketing campaigns.”