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Subscribe Launches AI-Based Feature That Highlights Key Sales Moments Launches AI-Based Feature That Highlights Key Sales Moments Source:, a conversation intelligence platform for sales teams, has launched a new Recommendations feature designed to use artificial intelligence to pinpoint key moments from sales calls. The solution aims to provide reps deeper insights into sales calls to better educate themselves and uncover signals that could make — or break — a purchase decision.

The AI-based feature can help sales managers save time that can be focused elsewhere by identifying areas that need more attention — such as deals that are at risk — and by determining whether more coaching is necessary. It can also provide sales representatives with a measure for self-improvement by providing key conversation metrics.

“We use this feature every day internally — our sales managers use Recommendations to uncover calls with coachable moments, while our reps use it to handle crucial deals and personal training,” said Joe Caprio, VP of Sales at Chorus. “The reality is most sales managers' days are filled to capacity, which pushes all coaching to the bottom of the priority list. This can negatively impact a rep’s growth, quota and even retention at the company since 60% of sellers say they’ll leave an organization if their manager is a poor coach."