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More B2B Marketers Are Focusing On Lead Generation, Content Marketing image recently released a report, titled: Small Business Pulse: 2013 Lead Generation Insights, which surveyed more than 500 active pay-per-lead advertisers across all industries. The report found that these companies are turning to lead generation to engage buyers in small and medium-sized business sectors.

As many as 74% of B2B marketers participate in lead generation practices, and 50% plan on increasing their lead generation spending through the next year, the report revealed. But even with amplified interest, 76% of respondents do not use third-party services for lead nurturing and lead scoring purposes.

“The early days of lead gen was the classic buyer-seller relationship, but various tools are coming in to the process that could take it more toward an exchange or real-time bidding model,” said digital media consultant Phil Branon, who contributed insights to the report. “It makes it a little quicker and easier to do business that way.”

The report also highlights how many companies are shifting their focus towards content marketing, with overall spending swelling to more than $40 billion in 2013. More than half of marketers said they were interested in leads generated through white paper downloads, and nearly 40% of businesses indicated that they are interested in having their products and services featured in webinars.

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