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5 Steps To Using Data To Unleash Your Account-Based Marketing Success

WolframThe central tenet of ABM is that you choose your customers. It’s the flip side of inbound marketing where clients find and select you, drawn to your business by insightful, relevant content. While inbound marketing casts a wide net, catching everything that swims by, ABM is like spearfishing — you only aim at the fish you want.

Exclusive Q&A: Act-On CEO Discusses Product Innovation, State Of Marketing Automation

Kate JohnsonWhen Act-On Software announced the appointment of Kate Johnson as its new CEO, it also revealed a plan to restructure and consolidate its North American offices back to Portland, Oregon. The company stated that the initiative is designed to better align customer-facing departments of the business with its product development team to fuel product growth. Act-On has since seen notable success, doubling its customer lifetime value as it continues to put the customer first.

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