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Genius Marketing Automation


SOLUTION SPOTLIGHT is the only Marketing Automation solution that truly “gets” sales.

Genius Provides on-demand solutions for marketing automation, lead nurturing, email marketing, demand generation,  and social marketing that allow both marketing and sales professionals to identify and connect with their best prospects online in real-time, without requiring IT involvement.

10 Steps to Automate B2B Marketing

Screen_shot_2009-10-26_at_11.09.56_PMThe following white paper covers 10 of the most important steps companies will need to master in order effectively automate their marketing. Each step represents a progression in the phased approach and includes quick checklists for nurturing, scoring and other key automation functions.

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Content Emerging As Critical Factor To Feed Successful Demand Gen Programs

The phrase “content is king” applies to a wide variety of media platforms, but it is especially fitting when it comes to crafting a demand generation strategy. In the Lessons From The Trenches Survey, recently conducted by DemandGen Report, early adopters of marketing automation cited better content as a top priority they would change if they were to lead a rollout at another organization. Specifically, 78% said they would “prepare the organization by building proper processes and content offers to feed the automation system.”

SiriusDecisions Summit Points To Growing Need For ‘Demand Center’ Services Concept

At a time when most marketing and sales executives are searching for ways to accelerate the speed of their pipelines, the SiriusDecisions Summit once again helped to provide some direction on how best-in-class BtoB organizations are still driving demand and closing deals.

The Summit, held last week in Scottsdale, AZ, drew a packed house of leading executives from both sales and marketing teams, and helped to introduce several new concepts and terminology which will help to shape the priorities around sales and marketing alignment.

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