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RollWorks Releases Four New ABM Packages

RollWorks has launched four new service packages for its Account-Based Platform, designed to help B2B companies of all sizes/budgets to maximize access to ABM data for engaging target prospects.


RollWorks’ new packages include a service plan to help customers transform their business from a traditional lead-based approach to a more modern account-based approach that focuses marketing investment on the accounts that matter most to the business. The four pricing options intend to make ABM data available to businesses of all sizes, aiming for a modern account-based approach to marketing and account investment.

Each package comes with its own benefits:

  • The Starter package comes with ABM onboarding and training;
  • The Standard package aims to help businesses prioritize accounts with intent data and account scoring programs;
  • The Professional package helps businesses expand outreach, providing best-fit account suggestions and wider intent signals; and
  • The Ultimate package maximizes opportunity and revenue influence by scale and flexibility.


The new ABM packages target B2B marketers who want marketing and sales teams to join forces and engage with accounts and their buying committees rather than an individual but are unable to do so either because of limited budget and resources or because of inadequate or expensive tools that force them to do it manually.


RollWorks’ packaging structure aims to democratize access to account-based data for all businesses, regardless of the shape or size of their sales and marketing teams. The flexibility of each package’s benefits can be applied to any business of any scale.


The Starter package starts at $975 a month.


RollWorks aims to give B2B marketers more access to account-based information and prospective target accounts, making it easier for businesses large and small to deploy an ABM strategy. These marketers can effectively drive demand by building up account lists, prioritize engagement with key decision-makers and increase outreach through digital ads and sales.


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