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Snowflake Launches Data Cloud For Media & Advertising

Snowflake's Media Data Cloud aims to enable businesses to dynamically share, join and analyze collaborative data for identity, audience insights, targeting, activation and measurement.

Back-Of-The-Box Details

Snowflake's Media Data Cloud unites Snowflake’s powerful data sharing technology, the highest standards of privacy and governance, Snowflake- and partner-delivered solutions and industry-specific datasets. The Media Data Cloud enables marketers, publishers and data and ad technology businesses to unlock their data for identity, insights, activation and measurement across the advertising ecosystem.

It is designed to empower organizations to easily access and collaborate on data without data ever leaving their Snowflake accounts. Leveraging the Media Data Cloud, marketers can perform essential data joining, matching and analytics functions, while maintaining the necessary standards of data compliance in-line with consumer privacy regulations.

Traditionally, only large walled gardens enabled privacy sandboxes, but with data clean rooms enabled by Snowflake, any publisher, advertiser, agency or ad technology organization can leverage Snowflake’s Media Data Cloud for their own customizable solution.

Who It's For

Media publishers and advertising technology firms building native applications on the Media Data Cloud.

What Makes It Special

Customers can leverage Snowflake Media Data Cloud to design their own set of data collaboration and privacy solutions. According to the company, this type of technology was only available to a walled garden before and now everyone can design their own technology solutions and utilize the same kind of technology for their own purposes.


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