Aprimo Adds Cloud-Based Digital Messaging Solution

Published: October 16, 2012

yesterday announced the availability of its Digital Messaging Center, a comprehensive cloud-based solution that offers a hub for managing digital messaging activity. The Digital Messaging Center incorporates messaging technology obtained through Teradata’s recent eCircle acquisition.

Aprimo Digital Messaging Center integrates with web analytics tools, CRM platforms, e-commerce systems and in-house databases to provide real-time access to customer preferences and behavioral data from all channels. The solution enables marketers to operate more efficiently, while simultaneously building customer trust by providing automation support in the following areas:

  • Message Creation: Streamline content with an online library, functional messaging templates and display optimization for all digital channels;
  • Recipient Management: Integrate big data/analytics into digital campaigns to unlock key insights and ensure the message reaches the right customer or prospect at the right time;
  • Personalization: Build digital trust by tailoring offers and other messages based on complex customer information;
  • Deliverability: Increase inbox delivery rates with personalized rules, automatic bounce-back processing, list integration and more;
  • Tracking and Reporting:  Break down what’s working for individuals and/or target groups both online and offline in real time to adjust on the fly and make every campaign better than the last.

The goal of Aprimo’s Digital Messaging Center, according to a company press release, is to give marketers a single interface where they can leverage integrated applications, data and analytics to identify recipients, personalize content and offers, test messages, and track campaign deliverability and performance across all digital channels, from web and social to mobile and email.

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