Jive Software Launches New Marketing Collaboration Tool

Published: August 15, 2012

Key elements of Jive for Marketing Teams include:

  • Extended team collaboration: Jive’s External Groups capability allows extended marketing teams, including outside agencies and contractors, securely collaborate in a single workspace, while sharing only materials relevant to that group.
    Document sharing: The tool supports the ability to upload documents into a secure workspace, as opposed to emailing documents around and risking version-control issues.
    Document collaboration: The tools allows document owners to give specific users permission to edit presentations, assets and other content, as well as to make inline comments mark up documents.
    Mobile access: The tool  provides access to conversations and documents from mobile devices.
    Sales and channel enablement: As companies roll out campaigns, marketers can use the tool to  to inform their sales channel partners and to field   questions . This capability is intended to decreases the time it takes channel partners to adopt new programs.

“The difficulty of coordinating all the teams and people involved in a typical marketing campaign puts a big strain on budgets and schedules,” said John F. Rizzo, CMO for Jive Software. “With Jive’s new solution, marketing organizations now have one seamless, highly interactive environment where they can sync up and work closely with all key participants, inside and outside the firewall. This will transform cross-functional collaboration, dramatically improve campaign execution and lead to improved sales performance.”

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