NetLine Launches Buyer-Level Intent Platform, Intentive

Published: June 5, 2023

NetLine, a content marketing and lead generation company, launched INTENTIVE, which the company claims is the only buyer-level intent platform that delivers real-time insights into prospects that are actively expressing intent within a B2B account.

INTENTIVE analyzes buyer-level behaviors enabled through first party-sourced, persona diversified and blended, online and offline event intent data to help provide buyer-level intent insights. The product’s real-time dashboard seeks to offer a consolidated view at the buyer level and account level, as well as visibility into buyer trends and confirmed projects. Additionally, customers can activate email notifications as well as a native Salesforce app for sellers.

INTENTIVE uses natural language processing and AI to power its scoring logic, content assignment topic taxonomy and associative buyer’s journey stage analysis algorithms. Sifting through hundreds of millions of data points, the product leverages these machine learning-powered resources in real-time to update both buyer and account scores with intent signals.

“Prior to today, there has been significant buzz about intent,” said Robert Alvin, NetLine’s Founder and CEO, in a statement. “But the majority of existing intent-based products relied solely upon company IP recognition and webpage visits which doesn’t tell you ‘who’ is intending to do what. With INTENTIVE, NetLine has changed the meaning and raised the bar when it comes to intent. Marketers now have access to deeper buyer-level insights, allowing them to accelerate the sales process from their marketing endeavors.”

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