NetLine Launches Platform To Help Marketers Enrich Lead Gen Programs

Published: July 8, 2021

NetLine, a content syndication lead generation network, unveiled its Lead Management platform for the NetLine Portal, a SaaS offering designed to help B2B marketers improve lead conversion rates, accelerate sales dialogue and enrich first-party data.

The Lead Management platform allows marketers to organize their lead capture, qualification, analytics, content amplification and routing capabilities to enhance their gated content and first-party data capture experiences. Marketers can also leverage these capabilities to scale and amplify their lead gen programs, reach their target global audiences and improve revenue-based programs.

Additional features include:

  • An on-demand scaling tool that enables marketers to incrementally scale and amplify their content to reach their preferred target audience within minutes;
  • Real-time and interactive campaign reports that provide insights into campaign performance, content resonance and buyer engagement via heatmaps, pivot tables and custom configurations for a full view of their programs’ activities;
  • Customizable templates for emulating user experiences to help marketers determine the effectiveness of current lead capturing programs and improve their designs;
  • A content format agnostic solution that consolidates gated content formats to help marketers create a unified experience for potential leads and build a singular data structure enriching lead profiles; and
  • Third-party integrations with Salesforce, Hubspot and Marketo to help marketers seamlessly move leads generated from campaigns and gated content into their funnels for faster engagement.

“Before today, B2B marketers needed at least a handful of technologies to run their lead gen programs: Software to capture, enrich, scrub, filter, fulfill and report within their own sites and an entirely different suite of vendors to amplify their content beyond the reach of their inbound forms,” said David Fortino, Chief Strategy Officer at NetLine, in a statement. “Now, B2B marketers can do it all with one simple self-service interface. Whether they want to centralize lead capture or create a hub for qualification, routing, analytics and companion content amplification campaigns, the platform does it all, allowing B2B marketers to reduce their costs while simultaneously becoming more efficient in the process.”

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The Lead Management platform builds on the momentum generated from the launch of NetLine’s B2B Lead Gen Marketplace, a hub that provides marketers with first-party, content-centric leads that fit their target audience to enhance their databases.

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