Showpad Reveals New AI Capabilities For Sales & Marketing Teams

Published: June 28, 2023

Showpad, a provider of sales and revenue enablement technology, launched a set of AI innovations designed to help marketing and enablement teams deliver new content and resources more efficiently, help sales teams access quick answers and build greater selling skills.

The company embedded AI throughout its product suite while augmenting existing capabilities to help drive better conversations, streamline administrative tasks and assist with decision-making. Specifically, the new releases include:

  • PitchAI, designed to provide sellers with real-time, actionable feedback on recorded sales pitches and conversations;
  • AI-powered search, a smart assistant that enriches search results with relevant context and information;
  • AI-powered test questions that help streamline the creation of training materials for sellers;
  • AI-powered asset summaries, which aim to automatically summarize key learnings from a piece of content to help reps find the insights they need; and
  • Question-based learning dashboards, three new dashboards designed to provide focused answers to enablement teams’ questions.

“Showpad is leveraging AI to improve how sales and marketing teams partner together in pursuit of a shared goal—closing more deals,” said Tony Grout, Showpad’s Chief Product Officer, in a statement. “It enables sellers to focus more time on what truly matters — bringing meaningful value to each buyer interaction. This means tailoring information and how sellers engage with buyers based on their unique needs, and ensuring that every conversation is empathetic and authentic to build trust with buyers.”

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