Spotlight: Bulldog Solutions RevenueForce

RevenueForceBulldog Solutions’ RevenueForce system is a holistic approach to marketing campaign architecture, design and execution. RevenueForce incorporates audience acquisition, buyer insight assessments, solution nurturing and sales enablement into a highly focused campaign aligned to unique buyer issues.

Key Features

Bulldog’s RevenueForce takes an integrated approach to campaign architecture that delivers maximum campaign conversions and revenue impact by identifying and messaging to key buyer issues and driving dynamic, relevant content throughout their buyer’s journey.

The RevenueForce system incorporates:

  • Thought leadership awareness campaigns to drive audience acquisition and top-of-funnel awareness nurturing.
  • Online Buyer Insight Assessments that provide compelling calls-to-action, giving marketers an interactive way to identify and score key business issues for each prospect.
  • Issue-Centric Solution Nurtures deliver highly targeted and dynamic messaging and content specifically to address each buyer's key business issues.
  • Dynamic Prospect-Specific Sales Playbooks deliver insight to the sales team on each prospect's unique issues, as well as individualized message points and call guides to map their solutions to the prospect’s needs.

Targeted Users

The RevenueForce system is a valuable tool for all marketing leaders who are responsible for delivering improvement in the performance of their marketing programs.


The RevenueForce system is compatible with marketing automation platforms, such as Eloqua and Marketo, which support the development of automated nurtures driven from extensions to their base data models. The system also leverages CRM integration to deliver lead scoring results and prospect-specific sales playbooks.

Delivery And Pricing Models

Pricing for the RevenueForce system is based on factors, including the number of issues to be identified and scored in the assessment, the resulting number of nurture communications, and the level of specificity in the sales playbooks.

Current Clients

DexOne, Avaya and other clients have deployed campaigns based on the RevenueForce system. DexOne recently received the 2012 Eloqua Markie Award for Rookie Of The Year, based on the results and time to market of the company's "How Findable Are You" campaign, which also leveraged the Revenueforce solution.

Competitive Positioning

 The RevenueForce system delivers an integrated solution that leverages the optimal messaging, content and tools for specific prospects at all stages of the buyer's journey. Solution nurtures and online sales playbooks are all dynamically driven based on the unique business issues identified in the online business insight assessments.

Contact Info

For more information about the Bulldog Solutions RevenueForce system, please contact Jason Andrade by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone at 877-402-9199.