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The Complete Guide To Lead Nurturing

Manually collecting data to leverage email campaigns can be a tedious process that take marketers away from other tasks that require attention. Lead nurturing capabilities are required to aid B2B companies in aligning their sales and marketing teams, boosting revenue and getting the most out of their lead database

An SMB Marketer’s Guide To Purchasing Marketing Automation

Organizations of all sizes can reap the rewards of marketing automation, but SMBs often put marketing automation on the back burner because their resources are stretched. This step-by-step guide walks entrepreneurs through the process of purchasing and implementing a marketing automation system. When used effectively, marketing automation can help SMB marketers generate and qualify sales leads, shorten sales cycles and…

Bridge The Divide Between Sales & Marketing

Even as lead generation tactics become more sophisticated, marketers continue to struggle to find valuable leads that are willing to sit down with a sales rep and make a purchase. In the latest e-book from 3D2B, titled: Bridge The Divide Between Sales & Marketing: Lead Generation With A Human Touch, readers can learn new ways to leverage human interaction to…

The Future Of Digital Engagement: 10 Thought Leaders Share Predictions For 2014

The future of digital engagement involves connecting with customers through a multitude of channels. Now more than ever, it is imperative that businesses are present and accessible throughout the entire decision-making journey and across all channels. In doing so, companies can increase conversions, average order values and customer satisfaction ratings while decreasing support costs.

The Power User’s Guide To Successful Webinars

Interactive online webinars have been identified as the gold standard for communications professionals to connect with internal stakeholders, customers and prospects. Due to the continued success and high ROI of webinars, organizations are embracing the format across more areas of their business: from marketing and sales, to training and HR.

Discover How Predictive Analytics Can Turbocharge Your Marketing Automation

Marketing automation tools are part of the modern marketer’s arsenal, but tracking a buyer’s behavior across inbound and outbound channels only provides a view of where they have been. By layering on predictive analytics, marketers can get a better sense of where the buyer is headed next. This E-book will provide a look at how forward-thinking companies are enhancing their…