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Quintessential Marketing Automation Guidebook

Manticore Technology delivers the Quintessential Marketing Automation Guidebook. Hear from 9 of today's most respected marketing and sales thought leaders on how to harness the power of marketing automation to effectively manage your marketing funnel. Download now.

The New Revenue Engine

Learn how leading B2B marketers are improving efficiency and effectiveness by building shared sales and marketing machines. Download “The New Revenue Engine” eBook for insights into best practices to:Ø Lower Customer Acquisition CostsØ Reduced Wasteful SpendingØ More Predictability in Sales Forecasts Ø Greater Pipeline Stability Download eBook.

A Roadmap to Seamless CRM Execution

Download this new eBook to learn how leading companies have increased sales by providing their sales force with information about customer trends, and also enhanced customer service by enabling the company to be more responsive to customer needs through the implementation or upgrade of customer management systems and processes. Download sample page here. The key areas covered in the paper…

How to Leverage Social Media Relationships with Real-Time Collaboration Tools

This eBook explores how organizations can connect and nurture relationships with prospects and customers by effectively leveraging social media and real-time collaboration tools. Discover best practices for building relationships with social media and learn how to leverage the powerful synergy between social media and Webinars. Download Now.

8 Critical Success Factors for Lead Generation

Learn from a lead gen pioneer how to drive more leads and to drive better leads.Brian Carroll knows business-to-business lead generation like few others do. Author & consultant, Brian puts lead generation into a framework that will hugely benefit any marketer. Get his free ebook today!Download Now.

The Sales & Marketing Stimulus Package

Download this free E-Book to gain insights into "Seven New Initiatives To Recover Lost BtoB Revenue," including: * Lifting the 10% Tax Burden from poor alignment * Funding the No (Good) Lead Left Behind Program * Insurance that Leads Are Hit While They Are Hot * Raising The Digital IQ for Sales & Marketing * Avoiding Earmarks and Hidden CostsDownload…