Marketing Operations

As data-driven marketing becomes a focus for more B2B companies, the role of marketing operations is out front. This section takes a look at the role of marketing operations in developing best practices that focus on metrics dashboards, resource/asset management and other marketing automation tools

Marketo CMO Pattabhiram Steps Down

Chandar Pattabhiram announced via LinkedIn this week that he is stepping down as the CMO of Marketo. The company also confirmed with Demand Gen Report that Pattabhiram has left to pursue new opportunities.

New Business Education Company GreenFig Partners With Marketo University

GreenFig University, a “micro-education” company offering continued education in applied business science, has  partnered with Marketo University to develop and deliver a digital marketing course designed to provide students with digital marketing strategies, basic digital marketing work experience, and a formal digital marketing science certification process.

Cloudwords Launches Localization Solution In Partnership With Lilt

Cloudwords software aims to speed time to market for global marketing campaigns and localized content. By integrating directly with leading marketing automation, CRM, CMS, and Web CMS platforms, Cloudwords automates project workflow, eliminates time-consuming tasks and delivers unprecedented visibility into the localization process.

Marketers’ Love/Hate Relationship With Martech

While marketing technology can help simplify many day-to-day tasks for marketers, most practitioners would much rather focus on the creative side of marketing. This infographic from Leadspace highlights this finding and other key takeaways from recent research about their views on the benefits and challenges with martech.
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