Marketing Operations

As data-driven marketing becomes a focus for more B2B companies, the role of marketing operations is out front. This section takes a look at the role of marketing operations in developing best practices that focus on metrics dashboards, resource/asset management and other marketing automation tools

Engagio Taps Heidi Bullock As Company’s First CMO

Engagio, an account-based marketing (ABM) and sales solution, announced the appointment of former Marketo VP Heidi Bullock as the company’s first CMO. In her new position, Bullock is tasked with leading the company’s marketing initiatives to accelerate growth.

Adobe Launches Experience Cloud, Unveils Updates To AI Framework

Adobe announced the launch of its new Experience Cloud, which will integrate with the company's Creative and Document Cloud offerings to better the customer experience. The company also unveiled updates throughout its cloud offerings, including enhancements to its AI technology and new partner integrations.

The Barriers Of Marketing Automation Success

While many marketers focus on the technology that will enable new processes within their organization, oftentimes there is lack of strategy to maximize that effectiveness. Research from Ascend2 shows that more than half (52%) of companies using marketing automation say that a lack of strategy impacts their success. This infographic from…

Marketo Unveils Big Data Architecture Platform

Marketo has announced the public availability of its Engagement Platform, which the company said is designed to reduce the complexity of digital transformation by combining a company’s customer data and touch points into one unified platform. The Engagement Platform, which is now rolling out to Marketo customers, is powered by…

Customer Experience, Community Building Grab Center Stage Among B2B CMOs

The role of marketing is changing, moving beyond acquisition and deeper into the funnel to support sales, according to C-level marketers and experts at the B2B Marketing Exchange (B2BMX) in Arizona in February. As part of that, B2B marketing executives are shifting more focus on the overall customer experience (CX)…

3 Reasons Predictive Can Help Boost Marketing Intelligence

Talk to any marketer today and he or she will tell you the same thing: “We need better insights into our marketing engine.” In the age of AI, machine learning, and all things marketing intelligence, I often find that most conversations center around data quality. As a marketer, I find…
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