3 Misconceptions Of B2B Sales Engagement Dogma

There are countless numbers of sales strategy books on bookshelves and sales coaches at every tradeshow, preaching to the masses the right way to find success while selling. It’s gotten to the point where many practices have been so engrained into sales training that it is considered doctrine — when in reality, it varies from buyer to buyer.

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How To Use Fit + Intent + Recency + Engagement (F.I.R.E.) For Go-To-Market Strategies

matt amundsonIn 2018, sales and marketing professionals have access to data we would have never thought possible just a few years ago. Today, teams can get a picture of which companies out of their total addressable market (TAM) are the best fit for their business. It’s also possible to discover their intent to purchase what’s on offer. So, why do sales and marketing teams waste so much time knocking on doors that mostly go unanswered?

Brightcove PLAY 2018: Personalized Video Content Generating Success For Greater Audience Engagement

Developing personalized content experiences is an ongoing task for B2B marketers today as buyers expect vendors to fully understand how their solutions affect business outcomes for their companies. Organizations such as VIAVI Solutions, Avanade and Eastern Bank are finding new ways to provide personalized video content across channels to better engage target audiences and understand their pain points.

How Text Messaging Apps Could Apply To B2B: Marketers Eyeing New Channel To Engage Next-Gen Customers

Messaging applications are a common appliance on smartphones today. Facebook Messenger, What’s App and Slack all play an important role in both personal and professional lives. In fact, a 2017 eMarketer study found that more than three-quarters (76.3%) of the world’s smartphone users use a mobile messaging app.

Now, this trend is expanding into the business world as B2B gravitate to quick, authentic engagement mediums as they research new solutions.

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