Why Account-Based Marketing Has Failed – And How We Can Fix It

headshot Dmiti LisitskiFor the last few years, account-based marketing (ABM) has been the go-to solution for B2B marketers who have access to programmatic advertising. It makes sense — ABM represents a targeted approach to digital advertising, and it follows the way in which business development managers typically sell their services. Sales representatives choose companies with which they hope to do business. They target that company and reach out to the stakeholders who have a role in purchase decisions. Following the sales team’s lead makes this a logical way to leverage digital advertising if you’re selling to other businesses.

The Reality Of ABM? It’s All About The Contacts

JohnHurleyThis story originally appeared on our sister publication, ABM In Action.

Smart practitioners know that, at its core, ABM is all about people. People still pick up phones, sign contracts and make decisions, so the ability to source high-quality contacts who can serve as decision makers and deal champions is key to a team’s success.

Manufacturers Extend The Digital Transformation To Sales & Marketing

In the past, the success and growth of manufacturing organizations was heavily dependent on a combination of their ability to make competitive products in a cost-effective manner and get those products to as many customers as possible. Over time, companies evolved their product operations with technology and automation, streamlining costs further.

But the process of selling those products lagged at many organizations in this sector, as they steadfastly held on to traditional ways of engaging with customers and prospects. In the internet economy, their success is largely driven by their ability to transition from selling products to needs-based selling by applying technology to sales and marketing.

This white paper will cover the following reasons why ABM is imperative to the manufacturing businesses:

  • The "good old days" of selling are in the rearview mirror;
  • There are many forces disrupting the traditional sales model;
  • Buying committees are the norm and they are wider than ever;
  • "Spray-and-pray" marketing tactics are analogous to "eating celery;" and
  • Marketers must care about more than just generating leads

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