Manufacturers Extend The Digital Transformation To Sales & Marketing

In the past, the success and growth of manufacturing organizations was heavily dependent on a combination of their ability to make competitive products in a cost-effective manner and get those products to as many customers as possible. Over time, companies evolved their product operations with technology and automation, streamlining costs further.

But the process of selling those products lagged at many organizations in this sector, as they steadfastly held on to traditional ways of engaging with customers and prospects. In the internet economy, their success is largely driven by their ability to transition from selling products to needs-based selling by applying technology to sales and marketing.

This white paper will cover the following reasons why ABM is imperative to the manufacturing businesses:

  • The "good old days" of selling are in the rearview mirror;
  • There are many forces disrupting the traditional sales model;
  • Buying committees are the norm and they are wider than ever;
  • "Spray-and-pray" marketing tactics are analogous to "eating celery;" and
  • Marketers must care about more than just generating leads

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ZenIQ Partners With Bombora To Fuel ABM With Intent Data

zeniq bombora imageABM and sales orchestration platform ZenIQ has announced it has teamed up with Bombora, a provider of B2B internet data. The partnership positions users of both solutions to implementing ABM strategies and programs to act on and operationalize insights provided by intent data. This aims to help marketing and sales teams to reach the right people at the right account, at the right time.

Engagio Unveils Account-Based Attribution Solution

Engagio, a marketing orchestration software company, announced it has launched Dash Account Based Attribution, a solution designed to help B2B marketers measure ROI and make better decisions about driving business outcomes at high-value accounts with multi-touch attribution.

Marketo Co-Founders Back Together At Engagio

Phil Fernandez, Co-founder, former CEO and Chairman of Marketo, has joined the account-based marketing and sales company Engagio on an advisory level. The move puts him in partnership with his fellow Marketo co-founder Jon Miller, who left the company to launch Engagio in 2015.

Triblio’s Andre Yee Makes A Case For ABM At #Bii17

I’m sure you’ve heard about a little marketing strategy called account-based marketing (ABM). You may even be sick of the term. Whatever your thoughts are, it’s hard to deny the benefits of taking an account-first approach. B2B companies far and wide have benefitted from ABM — (enter shameless plug for our sister publication ABM In Action, #sorrynotsorry) — but why should others consider it?

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