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Templafy Acquires Napp To Enhance Document Workflows

Templafy, a document creation and automation platform, has acquired the B2B sales enablement platform Napp, and plans to expand its business operations into the international market.

The acquisition of the Denmark-based Napp will allow Templafy users to share business documents securely, track recipient engagement and optimize the performance of those documents. Recipients are also positioned to annotate and provide feedback on the documents through Templafy’s platform.

Following the acquisition, Templafy plans to expand its international growth strategy to accelerate its product roadmap and enhance document automation and creation capabilities.

"With the addition of Napp's technology, we are expanding our support for enterprise document workflows by bringing actionable insights to our users on the documents they create every day," said Christian Lund, Chief Product Officer at Templafy, in a statement. "We expect the added functionality to help both employees and businesses achieve a faster and higher return on the efforts put into document creation."

The Evolution Of Inside Sales: How Tech And Behavioral Data Help Boost Buyer Engagement

Technology advances and shifting buyer preferences are elevating the inside sales role within B2B organizations, enabling reps to engage in contextual, relevant and timely conversations with prospects throughout the customer journey. A recent report from Forrester Research shows that an increase in demand driven by the marketing team has many B2B companies looking for tech alternatives that automate the aspects of the inside sales role that take up the most time and resources.

HubSpot CRO: An Inbound Approach To B2B Sales Creates Buyer Centricity And Context

1RobergeHeadshotIn the same way buyers want to create their own path through the marketing funnel, B2B sales teams feel similar struggles when looking to engage qualified leads and bring them through the sales funnel to a purchase decision. HubSpot recently came out with a new inbound sales methodology intended to help sales reps provide the contextual buyer experience that prospective customers are looking for.

B2B Inside Sales Teams Leverage Social, Video And Data To Reach Top Prospects

The image of the B2B sales rep flying around the country to make in-person presentations — followed by long lunches with prospects — is fading. While most experts aren’t predicting the total elimination of B2B field sales reps, leading organizations such as Cox Media, Betts Recruiting and DoubleDutch are using tools such as social data mining, predictive technologies, video emails and more to bolster the success of their inside sales teams.

Sales And Marketing Alignment Absent At Most B2B Firms, Survey Finds

b2b exec image 3dA recent survey of sales and marketing professionals found that just 16% believe that their teams' activities are fully aligned, and one in 10 respondents say they are not aligned at all.

The Channel Partnership, in conjunction with The Leadership Foundation, commissioned a survey of 1,000 B2B sales and marketing professionals that focused on the nature of relationships between the two organizations. The results, according to The Channel Partnership, suggest that "tensions, misunderstanding and a lack of communication between the divisions are threatening business success."

Study: Most B2B Organizations Still Take Hit-Or-Miss Approach To Messaging

CorporateVMany B2B sales and marketing organizations still exhibit a serious lack of alignment when it comes to messaging and content, according to a recent survey of more than 730 sale and marketing professionals.

The study, conducted by Corporate Visions, Inc., included questions about messaging, content and tools development within B2B sales and marketing organizations. According to a summary of the study's findings, three major issues are contributing to a lack of alignment within many of these organizations:

Survey: B2B Sales Reps Lack Tools, Training To Conduct Virtual Presentations

According to a recent survey, B2B sales and marketing professionals rely heavily on virtual conversations with prospects and customers, yet few of them have the training or tools necessary to make the most of these interactions.

The survey, conducted by sales and marketing messaging company Corporate Visions, polled more than 600 salespeople and marketers about their business practices in virtual environments – including phone, email and web-based formats. Nearly two-thirds of the respondents said they usually conduct virtual sales calls to group audiences, and 42% of those surveyed said their audiences typically include high-level executives.

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