ChannelWeek Presenters Prioritize Partner Enablement For Channel Program Success

To ensure that established or new indirect sales programs can help vendors distance themselves from the competition, it is imperative that companies provide the support and incentives necessary to enable and encourage partners to become more effective marketers. Enabling partners to play a bigger role in marketing their own brands, as well as those of the vendors they represent, was a common theme in the presentations made during ChannelWeek, a week-long webinar series hosted by Demand Gen Report and its sister publication, Channel Marketer Report (CMR).

#ChannelWeek: Lightening The Channel Marketing Load For Corporate Demand Gen Teams


As companies strive to drive more revenue through channel organizations, corporate demand gen teams may find their to-do lists are growing. During ChannelWeek, a brand new webcast series hosted by Demand Gen Report and our sister publication, Channel Marketer Report, Harbinder Khera, Founder and CEO of Mindmatrix, will discuss how corporate marketers can lighten their load and still implement highly effective channel marketing programs.

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ChannelWeek Is Almost Here — Now’s The Time To Earn Your Partner Marketing Stripes

Considering the news reports about investments companies are making in their indirect sales programs, the timing of ChannelWeek, a week-long webinar series providing insights on proven best practices in channel marketing and the tools and technologies that enable them, couldn’t be better.

Demand Gen Report (DGR) and our sister publication, Channel Marketer Report (CMR), created ChannelWeekThe Indirect Imperative: An Inside Look At Why & How B2B Brands Are Mastering Channel Partner Marketing, in response to a number of indicators that a broader audience of demand gen professionals wanted to sharpen their channel marketing skills.

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Marketing Multiplied: Required Reading For Executives Who Have Doubts About Channel Marketing

1marketingmultipliedMaking a case for an investment in channel marketing programs remains an issue at many companies, even at businesses that generate a significant share of revenue through partners. Getting reliable insight into channel marketing ROI can be difficult. And oft-repeated complaints about low levels of partner engagement – for example, the amount of MDF that goes unspent is often cited – can make senior management ask “why bother,” when more channel marketing is requested.

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