Top Quotes From Best Of #B2BMX

Published: September 30, 2021

There’s nothing quite like attending a concert and hearing that one lyric that just resonates with you —one that gives you chills and reminds you why you love that band so much. For the Best of #B2BMX team, we’ve had that feeling all week at the Best of #B2BMX virtual event, as our esteemed speakers shared snippets from their albums of marketing wisdom.

Much like the chorus you can’t get out of your head, we rounded up the most impactful quotes we heard throughout the series. Behold, the greatest hits:

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“RevOps can provide your company with a significant competitive advantage, such as higher efficiencies, cost savings and seamless customer experience. But it can only happen if your RevOps team has time to think, strategize, analyze and plan.” – Brandi Starr, Tegrita


“When creating content, look for ways to link what’s already familiar to your audience’s brains to something they might find new.” – Carmen Simon, Corporate Visions.

“You want your internal teams to have the same ‘lingo.’ Without that, your sales will go down because your marketing isn’t talking the same as your sales teams. But if you have a process in place to show that in your tech stack, it will help them all talk cohesively.” – Christina Kay, ResellerRatings


“At the highest-level, ABX takes all the best principles of the customer experience movement and combines them with the best of account-based marketing strategies.” – Jon Miller, Demandbase

“What you are trying to do in any ABM campaign is find your people and tell them your story. You are telling them why you are better than your competitors and how can you solve the problems they are having. But it needs to be done in a manner that is short, crisp and makes the people want more.” – Kushlani De Silva


“We get ahead of ourselves when we’re creating content because we just want to achieve an outcome, which is getting people to engage and measuring that. But the best place to start is with what you stand for. Because ultimately, that’s the perception people already have of you.” – Kanaar Bell, Foundation Marketing


“Virtual selling is the new normal, so you need to work with sellers jointly and collaboratively on building rapport with clients, creating a virtual community throughout the selling journey, fighting virtual fatigue and ensuring customer service doesn’t falter.” – Roderick Jefferson, Netskope

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“Influence is the new currency in the channel — avoid that influence, avoid working with influencers and avoid becoming an influencer at your own peril. Increasing your channel chief’s exposure and brand is critical for success and the continued engagement of the right partners in the channel.” – Janet Schijns, The JS Group


“[Marketing Ops] is not an individual job; it’s not a team; it’s not a process or function. It is a discipline, a mindset with a lot happening behind the scenes. Marketers need to think about how to move this maturity curve from Marketing Ops as a job to a strategy.” – Helen Abramova, Verizon

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“You need to put the same amount of effort that you put into understanding your customers to understand your salespeople. Create a sales persona where you define ‘I need marketing to do this,’ and follow suit on that model.” – Pam Didner, Relentless Pursuit

“If you want to move beyond 1:1 and do account-based [marketing] at scale, we have to find a way to cluster and comingle these accounts. Aligning accounts by factors such as region and industry is important for understanding and engaging accounts at scale.” – Kelvin Gee, Oracle


“Respecting your buyers and developing a true solution approach is really about understanding what buyers buy from their partners. A buyer aligned strategy — the route of customer obsession — is critical to understanding buyer needs and drives solution mapping.” – Maria Chien, Forrester

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