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Forrester Launches New Research Portfolio To Improve Customer-Focused Strategies

Forrester unveiled a new customer-focused research product portfolio called Forrester Decisions, designed to help marketing, sales, CX and product management leaders and teams adopt customer-focused strategies that drive customer engagement and retention, revenue and employee workflows in a post-pandemic world.

Revealed during the Forrester B2B Summit, the portfolio is designed to help users identify trends in customer behaviors and experiences and set their business priorities to create a more customer-focused organization. It will also offer an enhanced digital platform to provide teams with collaboration tools, new data and certification courses to help organizations build their strategies.

Additional services within the portfolio include:

  • Vision Research catered specifically toward the user, designed to provide customer and market insights, trends, predictions and outcome forecasts to plan and execute impactful customer strategies;
  • Tools and Frameworks, such as proven models, toolkits and plug-and-play templates, that can help users drive engagement and revenue in their customer-focused strategies; and
  • Best-practice Guide Sessions designed by Forrester experts to help users address strategy implementation challenges and accelerate strategy progression.

"Today's post-pandemic world is requiring leaders to make bold decisions, chart new paths and execute quickly," said George F. Colony, Forrester CEO and Chairman, in a statement. "But they shouldn't have to go it alone. For over 35 years, global leaders have relied on Forrester to see around corners and understand what's next. Now, with Forrester Decisions, we will help them anticipate those market-changing trends and tackle today's priorities. This new research portfolio is transformational in how we work with and guide our clients and accelerate their growth."