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Lattice Engines Supports Account-Based Marketing Tactics With New App

placeitLattice Engines launched its Lattice Account Prioritization application, a tool designed to support the shift in B2B marketing toward account-based marketing tactics. The app is intended to leverage predictive analytics to segment and target the right accounts in their campaigns and develop personalized messages that resonate with buyers.

The Account Prioritization application positions sales teams to prioritize outbound efforts with buying intent signals and predictive account scores. This information can then be used to personalize the conversations sales reps have with target accounts.

Other features of the application include:

  • Predictive account scores and buying signals based on a combination of the user's CRM data and third-party data;
  • Drag-and-drop segment builder capabilities for easier segmentation and targeting; and
  • A CRM plug-in that enables sales teams to prioritize their outbound calling efforts and enhance their customer conversations.

"Companies employing account-based marketing tactics and outbound prospecting can now leverage predictions to prioritize and focus their efforts on identified prospects most likely to convert," said Shashi Upadhyay, CEO of Lattice Engines. "With the combination of intent, fit and behavior data, Lattice provides the best predictions about which prospects will turn into customers and what attributes make for an ideal prospect."