MultiView Launches New B2B Marketing Insights Solution

VisitorViewDigital marketing solutions provider MultiView has released VisitorView, a data analytics solution for B2B companies that was previously only available to MultiView programmatic advertising customers. The solution is designed to show what companies make up a company’s traffic and activity to help them refine marketing strategies and tactics, as well as guide sales to interested prospects.

Fuel Strategic Growth With Data

Every organization is looking to grow, and data is crucial to driving that growth. This infographic from Oceanos illustrates how data can fuel essential demand generation activities for B2B marketers. 

Alteryx Announces New Analytics Capabilities Within Salesforce

1alteryxData analytics software company Alteryx has expanded its self-service analytics capabilities for Salesforce Wave Analytics, and has updated read/write capabilities across the entire Salesforce Customer Success Platform. The company said the new update will enable Salesforce analysts to prepare, blend and analyze data from any source, and deliver it to Salesforce Wave Analytics to identify actionable insights.

Will 2016 Be The Death Of Predictive Analytics As We Know It?


Despite sinking billions into marketing automation and other marking technology, only 7% of B2B marketers are seeing ROI from their marketing automation spend. At the same time, they are being scrutinized and held accountable to concrete revenue goals.

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ClearSlide Debuts Gmail Plug-In

1clearslideClearSlide for Gmail is a Chrome app that puts the core functionality of ClearSlide’s service within Gmail. The solution aims to help salespeople engage with customers and prospects directly from their inbox — intending to improve salesperson productivity, help sales leaders forecast more accurately and makes sales content and campaigns more effective.

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