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Upland Qvidian Integrates With Microsoft Office 365, Aims To Streamline Sales Content

Upland Qvidian’s integration with Microsoft Office 365 is designed to enable content reviewers and subject matter experts to simultaneously edit Request for Proposal (RFP) and proposal content in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint formats. As content moves through reviewer workflows, Microsoft Office 365 preserves formatting and styles, ensuring content fidelity, while automatic content syncing simplifies version control.

ClearSlide Launches New Sales Content Recommendation Engine

Sales engagement platform provider ClearSlide has announced the launch of Orion, a functionality designed to guide sales reps to relevant content that enables their efforts within ClearSlide, Outlook, Gmail and Salesforce. Orion aims to provide sales leaders with the tools they need to manage their sales processes, and marketers with insight into the content sales reps use and how customers respond.

The Showpad Sales Enablement Platform

online platformShowpad is a sales enablement platform designed to help users manage, transfer and share content among sales, marketing and other teams.


The solution enables users to share content between online platforms and applications.

The platform can also collect content usage data designed to enhance the marketing team's content initiatives. This also positions the sales team with insight into what content is resonating with their audience.


Showpad is available through desktops and laptops, as well as on Android, Apple and Windows mobile devices.


Pricing starts at $25 per user, per month. Click here to learn more.

Competitive Positioning

Showpad’s ability to work from either a computer or an iPad app positions users with flexibility and accessibility for their content. Whether users are in front of a computer or away from the office, Showpad keeps everyone in touch and in the loop with content generation and communication.

The solution also comes with content rating and commenting capabilities, enabling sales reps to provide feedback on individual pieces of content to enhance future content initiatives.

Contact Information

580 Market Street, 4th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94104
(415) 800-2033

Brainshark Unveils Live Presentation Tool

Brainshark launched Brainshark Live, a tool designed to help sales reps locate sales presentation content and track content performance from within their CRM system.

Available through the company's Sales Accelerator solution, Brainshark Live enables sales reps to access approved presentation content from desktop and mobile devices using Salesforce.

The tool positions sales reps to:

  • Present and project slides from computers, smartphones or tablets with support for animations, speaker notes and annotations;
  • Share slide decks so prospects can view them on-demand and forward them to others.
  • View content analytics, including who watched the presentation, when and for how long; and
  • Broadcast presentations online through Salesforce to enable in-person and remote viewers to participate.

"Often, reps waste time searching for and creating content to present in sales situations, eroding sales productivity," said Greg Flynn, President of Brainshark. "With these expanded capabilities, it’s easier than ever to solve this problem because the right content finds the rep, instead of the other way around. Reps can choose content to share with prospects, content to prepare for conversations and, now, content to present for live sales conversations."

Highspot Launches Content Measurement Tool

Highspot Genomics placeitHighspot, a sales enablement platform provider for sales content, unveiled its Content Genomics application to measure content performance. The tools is designed to help marketing and sales teams measure the overall effectiveness of content being used in the sales funnel.

Currently in beta, Content Genomics positions users to track and analyze how sales content is edited throughout the sales cycle and how those revisions impact customer engagement and content ROI. The tools can also help confirm that messaging remains consistent when these revisions take place.

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