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Freshworks Delivers AI-Powered CRM Solution For Sales Teams

Freshworks, a cloud-based customer engagement software provider, has unveiled Freshsales, a CRM solution that offers AI-based lead scoring, built-in phone, email and activity capture in a single solution designed to enable sales productivity.


The Freshsales CRM solution includes features such as:

  • Auto enrichment, designed to save time and trouble by enhancing leads with social and publicly listed information;
  • Lead scoring capabilities to identify high-potential leads via by lead property, website, in-app and email behavior;
  • Real-time alerts on email opens, link clicks, and more;
  • Built-in phone, which enables users to buy numbers, assign them to sales reps and start making calls within the platform; and
  • Behavior analytics, which can help get the context sales teams need with intelligent tracking of the buyer’s journey.


Freshsales is best utilized by fast-growing sales teams historically using expensive, cumbersome CRM solutions who want one, integrated solution to effortlessly manage pipelines, utilize behavior tracking and score leads.


Freshsales integrates with some of the most commonly used tools for sales teams, including Freshdesk, Segment, Google Calendar, MailChimp and Zapier. Though Freshsales is an integration-friendly tool, the platform envelopes all the tools needed for emails, calls, event tracking and more into one location for a seamless and intuitive user experience.


Freshsales offers four plans ranging from free to premium, adding intelligence through web and product activity tracking. Pricing plan features aim to address the needs of growing businesses at various levels, ranging from $0-49/user per month.


Freshales has 6000+ customers ranging from SMBs to large enterprises from a variety of industries around the world. Customers include CaratLane, the University of Sydney and Intuo.


Freshsales aims to tackle top challenges facing fast-growing sales teams, mainly grappling with expensive, bulky CRMs requiring additional integrations for basic insights teams require. Traditional CRM platforms are clunky, expensive and require integrations with many tools. That’s why, even with 400+ CRM vendors in the market, there’s still a loud call from sales departments for a better, smarter CRM addressing these pain points.


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