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Proof Introduces Analytics Platform To Measure Business Impact

Proof is a new platform designed to compute marketing and sales data—along with other inputs across the business—to reveal what’s “moving the needles” and how long it takes to move them, according to the company. The solution also can calculate attribution to help marketing and business leaders better understand and manage spend.


Proof combines marketing and business data with external data in an effort to assess how marketing affects business performance, sales productivity, customer confidence, employee retention and more. Through its Impact Value Chains, Proof can deliver a contextualized view of the ripple effect generated by different marketing investments on business outcomes, according to the company.


Proof was built for marketing teams and agencies who want to understand and prove the value of their marketing investments, as well as business leaders who want to know the business impact/ROI that they are getting from their marketing activities.


Proof works with the customer’s time series data, such as marketing automation, account-based marketing, CRM, advertising, web, social and influencer measurement, to assess the impact of each.


Proof is available as an individual SaaS subscription at $60 per user per month. Enterprise SaaS and software-enabled service subscriptions are available for larger deployments.


Several top global communications agencies have adopted Proof, including W20 Group, Fifth Ring, Big Valley Marketing, LDWW Group, PhoneBox, PRIME Research, Actual and Katie Paine. 


The company states that Proof is the first software platform to compute--versus simply model—both marketing attribution and the true business impact of marketing and communications, including both time lag and the cause and effect of various activities over extended periods of time.