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Revenue Strategies

B2B marketers need to make measurable and repeatable contributions to influence pipeline performance and help close business. This section highlights news, announcements and advancements in revenue performance management.

Clari Unveils Adaptive Revenue Metrics Solution

Clari, a revenue forecasting and pipeline management platform, launched an Adaptive Revenue Metrics solution within its Revenue Operations Platform, aiming to help buyers identify risk factors and increase confidence in their decision-making process. BACK-OF-THE-BOX DETAILS Clari’s Adaptive Revenue Metrics allow everyone on the revenue team to dynamically inspect and analyze their…

New Research Highlights Rapid Adoption Of Revenue Operations Models In B2B

Revenue Operations (RevOps) has quickly become a growing role and discipline sitting at the crosshairs between sales and marketing teams within B2B businesses. The RevOps model, which has changed the way B2B companies align themselves internally to drive growth, is being adopted rapidly, according to new research from LeanData and…
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