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Revenue Strategies

B2B marketers need to make measurable and repeatable contributions to influence pipeline performance and help close business. This section highlights news, announcements and advancements in revenue performance management.

6sense To Host 5th Annual ‘Breakthrough’ Event

6sense, an ABM platform powered by revenue AI, will host its annual customer event, Breakthrough 2023, at the Omni PGA Resort in Frisco, Texas from Oct. 16 to 19, 2023. The flagship event seeks to showcase the business impact of leveraging AI to generate high-quality pipeline, maximize conversions and reduce…

Revenue Grid Aims To Offer Tools To Enhance Overall Sales Performance

Revenue Grid is a revenue intelligence platform designed to help businesses identify and prevent revenue leaks at any stage of the revenue generation process. Revenue Grid fights revenue leaks by automatically capturing all relevant sales activities, analyzing data with AI, implementing changes to sales processes with revenue signals and measuring…

3 Ways Generative AI Can Drive More Sales In Customer Interactions

The AI revolution within customer experience (CX) is already upon us. Brands across industries are implementing generative AI solutions into their customer service programs, with astounding results. In fact, Gartner now predicts that automation will reduce human agent workload by upwards of 30% by 2026, while McKinsey puts that number…
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