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Revenue Strategies

B2B marketers need to make measurable and repeatable contributions to influence pipeline performance and help close business. This section highlights news, announcements and advancements in revenue performance management.

CASE STUDY: Provocative Selling with Diagnostic Assessments: Microsoft Infrastructure Optimization Assessment

Microsoft sought a better way to engage with decision makers for core IT infrastructure, business productivity and application development, but was having trouble moving its enterprise sales group and channel partners from the traditional product/solution presentations. To address this opportunity, Alinean developed a suite of Microsoft Infrastructure Optimization Assessment tools,…

The 2012 Sales And Marketing Integration Award Report

While B2B organizations have traditionally focused on mapping marketing automation to CRM systems, business success today hinges on the integration of many different tools and platforms. The 2012 Sales And Marketing Integration Awards highlight real-world organizational challenges, where companies dealt with extremely complex technology integrations, such as: New marketing automation…

SAVO Poll: Companies Confuse CRM Solutions With Sales Processes

Nearly 75% of companies consider their CRM solution to be their sales process, and as a result are not optimizing their sales execution, according to a new poll conducted by SAVO Group. In addition, 68% of those that have implemented a separate, formal sales process did report an increase in…
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Webinar Preview Q&A: 3 Keys To Tying New Technology Rollouts To Business Results

Change is a fact of life for the modern enterprise. That includes change driven by the adoption of new technologies, such as marketing automation and CRM solutions, designed to revitalize sales and marketing organizations. That's the promise of transformative technology. Yet the reality is often very different: According to some…
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5 Ways to Drive Improvements in Lead Nurturing Campaigns

By Joe Smith, EVP, Corporate Sales and Marketing, Invenio Marketing Solutions Lead nurture programs are key to keeping a company’s pipeline in motion. For nurture programs to be successful, businesses need to ensure there are ongoing, targeted communications that build relationships and effectively provide information of interest and value.
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Sales And Marketing Integration: A New Approach To Familiar Challenges

  Business has never been better for marketing automation vendors. For B2B marketers, however, what they expect from marketing automation doesn't always match what they get.  A recent SiriusDecisions study found that 85% of organizations using a marketing automation platform don't think they are using its fullest potential. According to…
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