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Transitioning From Analyst To Engagio’s VP Of Marketing With Megan Heuer

For the last three years as the VP of Research at SiriusDecisions, Megan Heuer led a team of more than 80 analysts and editorial professionals to guide B2B sales, marketing and product leaders. She founded the account-based marketing practice in 2012 and, previously, led the marketing operations practice. 

Heuer was recently unveiled as the new VP of Marketing at Engagioa company that has made notable strides in the ABM technology sector. Bringing her analyst background to the helm of the company’s marketing department, Heuer said that this is a prime opportunity for her to help the company reach “the promise of genuine customer experience within B2B marketing.”

Listen on to hear Heuer’s perspective on the marketplace and what she plans to achieve in her new role at Engagio. Topics discussed include:

  • Heuer’s perspective on the state of account-based marketing in the B2B marketplace;
  • Her thoughts on where Engagio sits in the market and what drew her to this position; and
  • A discussion around the ongoing importance for better alignment within B2B companies to see better results. 

Brian Anderson

An avid B2B journalist with a knack for all things trendy in the POS, mobile and social space.