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Act-On Boosts Lead Generation 40% With An Enhanced Video Hub

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Act-On Software, a marketing automation platform, needed a video hosting solution that could help enable its marketing and sales teams to create and enhance on-demand video content, as well as provide insight into video engagement and success.

The Challenge

Act-On was leveraging videos in its lead nurturing and sales prospecting but was struggling to find success. For example, only 9% of the prospects who requested a demo were watching the video all the way through.

“We wanted to penetrate through all the emails that prospects receive, [but] were having issues getting a positive response with our efforts,” said Blair Fettig, Sales Development Representative at Act-On, in an interview with Demand Gen Report.

The company, therefore, needed a way to revamp its video strategy and gain deeper analytics into what was working and what needed to be improved.

The Solution

Act-On ultimately selected Vidyard because of its high video quality, ease of use, stellar customer support and personalization and analytics capabilities. The company began using Vidyard’s Video Hub to create a central, branded location on its website to host all its video content. It also leveraged Vidyard’s analytics to see what content was performing well and where engagement was dropping off.

These insights positioned the company to adjust its content strategy and optimize current videos, especially the company’s product demo. In addition, the sales team began using Vidyard to create personalized videos to introduce themselves to prospects, thank new customers for their business and humorously reconnect with leads that had gone cold.

“We originally chose Vidyard just to be our hosting platform for our videos,” said Nathan Isaacs, Senior Content Strategist at Act-On, in an interview. “We’ve come to appreciate that they truly are a partner in our marketing efforts. We love all of the additional features of the platform, such as the analytics integration into Salesforce, the personalized videos and GoVideo.”

The Results

By revamping its video strategy, Act-On saw a 40% increase in monthly leads generated from videos. The new and improved demo resulted in 4x higher engagement. In addition, a recent email campaign had a 31% open rate, 8% click rate and 6% reply rate — nearly double the previous amounts.

“Video messaging is a key asset to help our sales team stand out in a saturated marketing ecosystem,” said Fettig. “Putting a face to our prospecting has shown our prospects that we are taking the time to do our research and are putting in the extra effort … Current customers are able to see who is managing their account and [it] makes them feel like we are right there with them along their journey of being an Act-On customer.