7 B2B Buying Behavior Trends To Watch In 2014

Tony ZambitoAs we look to the coming year, Demand Gen Report will publish a series of predictions for 2014 from industry leaders.

By Tony Zambito

Like a runaway train, B2B buyers continue to evolve and reshape their buying behaviors. They are adapting to new channels as well as technologies to solve critical problems, reach goals, and accomplish more. My conversations with B2B marketing and sales leaders indicate that it will be tougher for B2B marketing and sales teams to keep pace in both customer acquisition and retention.

Vidyard Launches Video App On Salesforce App Exchange

Vidyard and SalesforceVidyard has launched Vidyard for Salesforce, providing an interface to upload and share videos with internal teams, contacts and leads. The app is available for download on the Salesforce AppExchange.

The app is designed to provide video views and engagement data — including which videos are being watched, by whom and for how long — directly in Salesforce. This gives sales reps more detailed context on a prospect’s interests, helping to drive more productive interactions, according to company officials.

Infographic: The SEO Potential Of Content Marketing

content-marketing-social-seo dgr chart of the week facebook

When done correctly, content marketing, social media and SEO are a triple threat for lead generation. Being interesting helps get you better search rankings, larger audiences, and ultimately, more impressive results, as demonstrated in this infographic from Adept Marketing.

Navigating Gartner’s Digital Marketing Transit Map

Gartner Transit MapPlotting a digital marketing strategy can prompt even some of the savviest B2B marketers to ask for directions. Gartner recently unveiled its digital marketing transit map to provide a framework for marketers to develop a strategy, improve operations and plan initiatives.

One of the hurdles of marketing technology is that most organizations have acquired much of their technologies individually, so there is no plan in place regarding how they will connect, according to Andrew Frank, VP and Distinguished Analyst at Gartner, in an interview with Demand Gen Report. He said this challenge led to the creation of the map, which was developed over the course of the past year, to help facilitate communication between marketing and IT.

It's The End of the Funnel As We Know It

OD calendar templateThe signs of change are everywhere. With the Salesforce acquisition of ExactTarget and Oracle’s acquisition of Eloqua, the lines between CRM and marketing automation are disappearing. At the same time the roles and expectations of sales and marketing teams are being re-written. 

Rather than simply driving and managing leads in the upper funnel, progressive companies are discovering a new hourglass model aimed at both accelerating customer acquisition and strengthening customer retention. 

Choosing A Marketing Automation Consultant: A Step-By-Step Guide

LeadMD E-Book drop shadow 200pxMarketing automation is an engine that drives remarkable revenue growth for companies that use it effectively. Unfortunately, many firms struggle to put the pieces together when they invest in marketing automation.

This E-book, presented by LeadMD in conjunction with Demand Gen Report, offers a solution to this challenge. It explains how the right marketing automation consultant can unleash the full power of your technology investments, and it will show you how to pick the right consulting partner for your business needs.

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