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Creating More Engaging Demand Gen Video Content

1BijuVideo content is no longer a “nice to have” for businesses — it is essential. Videos are now replacing text and image-driven content across marketing campaigns. According to eMarketer, 30% of B2B marketers said that boosting sales and converting customers are among their top priorities when producing content. Demand gen marketers should focus more on video content to promote their brands and drive interest among audiences that can turn into paying customers.

True Influence Unveils Marketing Cloud

True Influence, a provider of marketing, sales and demand generation solutions, has launched the True Influence Marketing Cloud, a digital marketing platform designed to connect data and customer experiences to help marketing and sales teams understand, acquire and retain customers.

Clearbit Unveils Data-Driven Platform For Marketing, Sales Teams

Clearbit, a data-tools provider for B2B companies, launched Clearbit X, a data-enabled growth engine designed to help companies improve customer communications with digital marketing and demand generation tools. With a focus on assisting data-driven growth needs of B2B companies, the platform aims to helps sales and marketing teams enrich interactions with first- and third-party data and bring data together to enhance the entire lead lifecycle.

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